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Website Development

Today's business world requires a strong web presence and our designs make an impact. We have a profound understanding of this medium and therefore meticulously interpret our client's business and communication objectives and translate them into a powerful media by using our creative and technical abilities. We have a skill set that includes all major technologies required to design and develop solutions both online as well as offline.

Website Development Services
Web Design & Development
Web Design

With our Professional approach, we provide Quality web site development and amazing Flash works. Edkal's web & multimedia professionals make certain that our clients leave with all the information they came for and an unforgettable web experience. Our dynamic team at Edkal works to design and develop web sites and internet based applications for business of all sizes. We understand that effective web site development requires a lot more than programming expertise and technical skills. We understand that it takes advanced planning, excellent graphic skills and strategic marketing insight. We begin every assignment by obtaining a thorough assessment of our client's requirements, enabling us to offer web design services which are visually stimulating and easy to navigate. Our team at Edkal also has extensive experience in user interface (UI) design with focus on accessibility, and usability.

Web Promotion (Search Engine Optimization / Ranking / Positioning):

Thousands of new websites are added everyday to the existing one billion websites on the net. Now the big question is how someone finds your website? Web marketing is the answer. A good majority of Visitors reaches a new Website through Search Engines. So it is extremely important to make sure that your site has excellent visibility to Search Engines. We specialize in this kind of work where we get your site to the top ranking positions in popular search engines.

Usage of New technology enables us to quantitatively measure the success of a marketing strategy. Our aim is to offer you the best web marketing package designed to capture a notable presence in cyberspace, which is guaranteed to catapult your business to unprecedented heights. We rely on logical tactics and tactical processes, a result of painstaking competitive market research and current trends prevailing in business environment.

UI and Usability

Edkal understands your business requirements, the users and their needs. We have our proven User Interface (UI) design processes to quickly solve your front-end design problems.

The design of a User Interface affects the amount of effort the user must expend to provide input for the system and to interpret the output of the system. Edkal contributes much effort to do this.

Usability is the degree to which the design of a particular user interface takes into account the human psychology and physiology of the users, and makes the process of using the system effective, efficient and satisfying. It describes how well a product can be used for its intended purpose by its target users with efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction, also taking into account the requirements from its context of use.

Edkal integrates the Usability and the User Interface associated with the functionalities of the product or system.