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Our Products

Edkal has been successful in helping its clients in achieving their business goals by translating the latest technologies.


Moses is an exclusive offering from Edkal for the SMEs for managing their Sales & Distribution. It’s light weight Purchase – Inventory Management – Sales work flow fits perfectly for any SMEs for managing their Sales & Distribution.


MLM Suite is latest offering from Edkal, which is designed exclusively for MLM enterprises, to cater to the end to end requirement of running an MLM business. From Purchases to Inventory Management, from Over the Counter Sales to Online Shopping Portal, from Distributer commission calculations to Stockist commission calculations, from Distributer Login Panel & Mobile App to Stockist Login Panel & Mobile App, this is a one stop solution for running your MLM business.


Edkal’s ERP solution caters to the end to end requirement of enterprises, both big and small. It comprises of Sales, Inventory, Purchase, Finance, HR, Production, Fixed Assets modules which are well knit to effectively run the operations of big manufacturing enterprises by opting for the full ERP Suite or going with a customised suite with selected modules in case of SMEs.

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