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Managed Services

The challenge for businesses these days is to provide the right information that leads to effective knowledge - knowledge that can be used to make better decisions. Edkal makes this fact a reality providing its clients with the Knowledge Management Services.

Knowledge management enables organizations to find new ways to readily share both their explicit knowledge (that which is easily codified and stored on-line) and their tacit knowledge (that which is elusive and collectively held in the brains and experiences of employees). The knowledge-aware organization is able to react quickly to external demands, furnish internal resources intelligently and anticipate external market directions and changes. This requires fundamental shifts in corporate direction and leadership, but the potential rewards are significant.


E-learning leverages technology to provide content and content delivery systems to educational institutions and the corporate sector.

With deep experience in ERP, Edkal can provide resource planning and information systems that can help institutions and companies manage resources like classrooms, libraries, laboratories, students, transport systems, etc. Our content delivery systems are of three types:

E-Learning: Models