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Data Migration Services

Data Migration and Related Services
Data Migration Services

Edkal has extensive experience in building and supporting large and complex system projects including ERP and DBMS consolidations and migrations. This track record has provided us with the expertise on standard tools, processes and methods in the field of Data Migration while we consistently apply best industry practices and management methods based on the scenario.

Edkal has a dedicated Data Migration Team who can provide high quality end-to-end solutions for your Data Migration requirements. Whether it is the implementation of an ERP suite like SAP or Oracle Applications, or the implementation of a Custom built point solution for one of your departments, we have the capability to provide you with end-to-end services and solutions for all your Data Migration requirements. Our highly experienced Consultants can assure you that the most important asset of your business, your data, is very well taken care of while we move it seemlessly to your new application. We can also provide you Data Cleansing and Data Enrichment services which will make sure that your new application is receiving data that is optimum for its efficient functioning.

Edkal's Data Migration process covers all the required steps to cleanse, correct and move the data into a new system. Technological changes, change in providers, software updates or data warehousing / data mining projects make such delicate and critical operations necessary.

User Perspective

From a user perspective, a strategy is put in place to achieve maximum flexibility and quality. This entails to take a number of measures and actions, including:

Development Perspective

From a development perspective, great care is taken to ensure that the data migration roadmap caters for maximum safety, avoiding risky big bangs and allowing for phased migration activities. We ensure the following:

Data migration Tool

Edkal uses its proven Data Migration Tool for carrying out its Data Migration Services. For each Data Migration Project a separate Staging Server is created to define the Legacy and Target Systems Objects and for writing the Migration Scripts.

Data Migration generally starts with System Study - both Legacy and Target. The key objective of System Study is to identify the Objects to be migrated from the Legacy System to the Target System and also the Input format of the Text file exported from Legacy System and the Output format of the Text File to be exported to the Target System.

The outcome of the System Study would be the following

Once all the above documents are ready, Edkal's Extensively Configurable Data Migration Tool can be used to do the Data Migration. Based on the Legacy System Specification Document & Basic Data Validation Document, the Legacy System Objects are created, and based on the Target System Specification Document & Basic Data Validation Document, the Target System Objects are created. For both Legacy and Target System Objects, the detailed attribute specification is done for each of its attributes / fields like.

After that, based on the Data Mapping Document & Advanced Data Validation & Transformation Document, Migration Scripts are written and each Migration Script is mapped onto the Migration Object. Once done, the Tool becomes completely functional for the Data Migration.

For Data Migration, all initial Lookup Objects are loaded using the Data Migration Tool. Then legacy data is exported from its system as a Text File. This text file is fed into the Data Migration Tool and the tool will transform and validate the legacy data and will generate the output Text File, which is ready to be imported into the Target System. In case the data does not comply with the Target System specification, a Log/Error file will be generated specifying the data records with reason for non compliance. In that case, the error is corrected in the Legacy System or the Input File and the new Input file is validated again and again till no errors are found in the Error Log file. The output of the Migration tool is then imported into the Target System. Edkal's Data Migration Tool also has an Administrative Console where Custom Scripts can be easily written or edited. Also, using the Administrative console, Custom Reports can be generated in various file formats like

Such reports, especially the deviation reports are really helpful in identifying the deviations and auditing the data. The Reports can be generated based on the Input and the Output Data and can be matched for the Legacy and Target System for ensuring the successful Data Migration. The tool also provides extensive Audit Trail Reports which can be used by auditors to check and verify the integrity of the data.

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