About Us

Edkal's range of IT solutions and services ensures that your organization is ready for tomorrow. Our approach towards design and implementation sets us apart right from the start. From the very inception of our commitment to you, we offer a Visual Prototype with which you can see the end product and the process in entirety. We don’t just give you verbose documentation with tall claims. We have the extensive and in-depth knowledge, intellectual property, and goodwill to take you from the initial thought process to the implementation of the solution.Read More

What we do

Data Migration Services

Edkal has extensive experience in building and supporting large and complex system projects including ERP and DBMS consolidations and migrations. This track record has provided us with the expertise on standard tools, processes... Read More

Software as a Service

Edkal is a pioneer in delivering Software as a Service. We understand that for many of our Customer's, IT is not their core business. Hence we do not want them to invest a lot money to acquire Capital...
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Application Development

Your One-Stop Offshore Development Centre for all your Business Applications Development Needs. Your business strives to become globally competitive, and you focus firmly on growing sales revenues while preserving profits.
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